Digital Innovation


Packaging is the last media that can’t screen out. Brands and retailers are looking at packaging related campaigns to leverage social media to market their brand. They are turning away from ignored online ads and deleted emails, and turning to customized label and packaging campaigns to ignite social media buzz and lift sales long after the campaign is over. Brands are connecting the physical and digital worlds by linking Labels and packaging to valuable interactive digital and emotional experiences.

With Repacorp’s personalization software, you can provide your customers with an experience and personalization sought after by social currency. Make each package unique; support a cause, or have area artists submit artwork to print limited edition labels, shrink sleeves, and flexible packaging. We provide you with ultra-high quality 7-ink extended color gamut, and promotional opportunities to target the consumer, resulting in exciting social media postings that will grow your brand.

Strategic Versions:

Print multiple versions (SKUs), such as multiple team logos, different holidays, or different flavors. As long as you use the same material and size, we can change the designs within one print run.

Variable Content:

Use databases of numbers or names to print 4-color variable designs. Think of the Coke® campaign with different names on each can so that consumers “buy a friend a Coke”.


Use a database of graphics to print different characters on labels and packaging; create a database of cartoon characters. We can print the first character onto a package, then the next character is printed in the second package, and so on, creating sets of characters from which the consumer can choose to purchase—or to collect.

Hyper Customization:

Print a different design on each label, shrink sleeve, or pouch. Our algorithm tool can crop, rotate, expand, and mixes artwork to create limitless unique designs, all while keeping logos, and nutrition facts as static artwork.


Print short runs and save on the cost of test groups! Test a variety of samples on the shelves; use different graphics, different languages, and test different colors to see what sells best in what location.

Augmented Reality:

Print a code that when snapped with a phone, interacts with your customer. Consumers purchase the product because it is “neat” and want to show their friends.

Invisible Yellow and Blue ElectroInks:

Print invisible yellow and blue inks that ignite color under a common UV black light. Print “speakeasy” graphics as promotional features. Our Invisible ElecroInks are also suitable as covert brand protection features.

Fluorescent Pink:

Stand out with a POP of shocking color. This pink pop of color is ideal for breast cancer awareness branding.