Digital Quote Module

Instant quotes for digital labels

Studies show that the quicker you provide pricing, the more orders you will capture. That is why Repacorp offers code that links your website to an instant online quote module, maintained and enhanced by Repacorp. Our online pricing tool is easy to use and provides live, accurate pricing.

Signing up for Repacorp’s Distributor Quote Module is easy! Fill out four simple pages, and a link is emailed to you. Link the code to your web page, and you now have instant online quotes for digital labels on your website-with your markup and branding! We’ll provide a second link to place on your Intranet, or on your web browser, so you can provide instant quotes for digital labels while on the phone with your customers.

Contact your Account Manager to set up a quote module for your business!

Digital technology includes:

  • Near photographic quality
  • No plate or tooling charges
  • Cut your label any shape imaginable
  • Durable UV inks that don’t need varnished
  • Ability to print opaque white
  • Overlaminates and varnishes available
  • Black variable printing
  • Large selection of materials— Synthetics, papers, foils, fluorescent, tag, UL approved