RFID Labels & Tags

Repacorp’s Radio Frequency Identification labels and tags are currently used by the Department of Defense, retail chains and in many closed loop applications.

Repacorp has added more stock offerings, ARC approved labels compliant with Walmart’s new mandate. Click HERE for more information!

Our proprietary printing process allows us to produce RFID-enabled labels with accuracy and low rejection rates. Offering standard as well as custom solutions for a wide range of RFID applications, we stock 4” x 1”, 4” x 2”, and 4” x 6” RFID labels formatted for most industry-standard printers, including Zebra, Printronix, and Datamax to name a few.

We also manufacture custom RFID labels and clothing hang tags in a variety of sizes, materials, and with a wide range of inlays.

Suggested markets and industries: Conferences and expos, nurseries, clothing and retail, steel industry, freight companies, tracking luggage, distribution, pharmaceutical, supply chain, and any company that creates omnichannel customer experiences.

We meet your specifications:

  • Print up to 8 colors: Prior to insertion
  • Pre-encoding and imprinting: DOD Compliant Service Bureau
  • Chip-neutral insertion process: Compatible with UHF (915 MHz) or HF (13.56 MHz) transponders
  • Insertion in a variety of materials: TTR, DT, films, and synthetic tag
  • Specialty adhesives available