Labels printed on Digital HP printer

Repacorp is a 2021 PEAK Award Recipient!


We are pleased to announce that the Print Services and Distribution Association (PSDA) has awarded Repacorp with a 2021 PEAK Award for Best Cost Savings Solutions for a Client, for the entry “Spatter”.

PSDA’s PEAK Awards program honors the work of industry professionals who have met their customers’ needs by providing outstanding value-added products and services through creativity in design, production, fulfillment, and other services while solving problems or improving business functions.

We are so proud of the work our team does every day, and this award is an affirmation of your commitment to producing outstanding work of the highest quality. Thank you to all of our team members who collaborated and contributed to this project!

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Description of Challenge and Solution:

When we started running these labels the volume for 3 versions was low and we ran the job on our Digital­­ HP. However, due to the fact that it is a clear label and the label is going on a colored bottle, the client did not want the main color of the label affected by the bottle color so we had to print 4 layers of white ink and then the color. As the job grew, also did the cost. Running 4 hits of white, plus color and then having to take to an ­additional press to varnish and cut and then to finishing equipment the cost was skyrocketing. The reason it took us so long to change our production process was the fact that 4 layers of white needed to be printed beneath a very detailed “splatter” of ink pattern–a pattern that is very difficult to hold multi-layers of ink on top of each other.

However, if we were able to accomplish the change, we could save the customer per order around $14,000.00. We performed a test print to see if we could hold the registration of 2 white plus 5 spot colors, plus varnish (8 total print stations). Not only did we hold the very difficult layering of the inks due to our amazing press operators, we ended up being able to match the colors the customer needed. The customer runs this job about twice a year. By switching the job to flexographic printing, the customer will save around $28,000 per year. For a small company that is a lot of money!

Long Runs of Digital Labels

Long Runs of Digital Labels with Multiple Versions

Do you have an order with large quantities and multiple versions or SKUs?

If you answered “yes”, we have just the press for your application!

Repacorp offers high-speed digital technology for long runs of digital labels with multiple versions. This 13″ wide high-speed press combines the productivity associated with flexo, with the flexibility offered by digital rapid job change. The 4-color digital press uses curable UV inks, offers an opaque white option, cold foil, and two additional flexo stations for PMS colors, fluorescent ink, metallic ink, or spot varnish. Kyocera print heads provide 600 dpi native resolution, which means smaller drops are printed in order to create finer detail on both images and small point text.

This long-run digital press offers back printing, black variable data, and laminating with roll to roll or roll to sheet finishing on just about any material. Our three flexo die stations provide top cutting, perforating, sheeting, and undercutting capabilities. To top it all off, we added an Advanced Vision Technology system that delivers 100% in-line print inspection and quality control. With the AVT system, we are able to ensure quality and color repeatability from label to label and from one run to the next.